Course Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the syllabus tab on the menu bar. We suggest that you download course materials ahead of time and use a device that is compatible with the materials to look at them. 


The course evaluation will be hosted through the new MyCE portal. If this is your first course using our new platform, you should have already received a separate email from to complete your account setup for the MY CE portal.  Please note, this account is different than the account you used to access this website.  Once you complete the account setup, login to MyCE with the following link: Once you complete the evaluation you will be able to claim your course credits and certificate. You have 30 days to complete the course evaluation and the deadline is 30 days following the course. 

Faculty will receive an email from HMS and should follow their own set of required instructions.

On your dashboard, there should be an “Active” and a “Transcript” tab. Under the Transcript tab you will see the courses you have completed, meaning you have met all requirements to claim the certificate. At the bottom right there will be a red box that says “Download Certificate”.

If you have not fully completed the course requirements, it will not be listed under Transcript. In this case, go back to the Active tab and re-enter the course to see what still needs to be completed.

We suggest you complete the evaluation 1 topic at a time so the experience is fresh in your mind. Please be sure to either click “SAVE” or “SAVE AND CONTINUE.” Each time you return to the evaluation, navigate to the topic you wish to evaluate in the right-hand menu. You may move back and forth through your evaluation to edit your answers. Your certificate will update each time you claim your credits while the course remains open.

If you have any further questions, please email Harvard Medical School at

The recorded lectures will be available for 6 months from the start date of the course. The last day for the gallery will be September 27th, 2024. Log in to this website to access the course’s recorded lectures, and then select “Video Gallery” from the menu.

Please Note, the deadline to complete your evaluation is 30 days. No exceptions

Please go to for the evaluation form. You have 30 days to complete your evaluation following the course. 

The most likely cause of hearing repeated audio or an “echo” is having multiple live stream pages open at the same time. Please ensure that you are only running one web browser and one live streaming page window.


Technical Help & FAQs

Please make sure you are using the email you registered with for the course. If you didn’t receive your login passcode by email, please check your spam/junk folder for an email from


The most likely cause of hearing repeated audio or an “echo” is having multiple live stream pages open at the same time. Please ensure that you are only running one web browser and one live streaming page window.


If you have any issues accessing the link or using the platform during the day, please email There will also be live chat available during the hours of the virtual course. The live chat icon is located at the bottom left of any page you are viewing. 


Ensure the volume control in the bottom right corner of the video player is clicked on (volume bars).


This can often be the result of insufficient Internet bandwidth to/from your viewing location. We recommend a minimum of 4mbps download speeds to view the presentations in 720p and 8mbps to view presentations in full 1080p HD. You can test your approximate bandwidth by visiting Additionally, we recommend closing any other applications or browser tabs that may be utilizing Internet bandwidth


There is no need to download or install any software. You only need a good internet connection and your computer or laptop. The best browser to use is Chrome, but most browsers, except for Explorer, work with the platform. Please check to see if your browser is running the latest version. 

Extra tip: If you have trouble getting to the platform, click CTRL+F5 to clear your browser’s cache.


The live and recorded presentations will be shown through the Vimeo live stream services. Regions or countries with restrictions to access Vimeo may watch the recordings though VPN (Virtual Private Network). Information on such VPN and how to download can be found here.


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